Making faith matter more

Now is the time to combine our efforts to reach the next generation.

Start with the right tools

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Young people are leaving the faith at an alarming rate

More than1,000,000 every year.

Source: The Great Opportunity, Pinetops Foundation

Together, we're elevating 4 strategic priorities

Helping faith matter more to 10 million young people over the next 10 years.

Offering the resources faith communities need to prioritize youth discipleship.

Sparking an ecumenical movement that supports and equips youth leaders on the frontlines of cultivating the faith of the next generation.

Seeing and centering leaders in communities of color as well as bi-vocational, volunteer, and under-resourced leaders.

Spark a dialogue throughout the country

How can we support youth leaders on the frontlines?

We see you, youth leader

To the late nights, the tireless planning, and the difficult conversations.

To the endless effort and the goal that feels too big to reach. To the showing up every day.

We’re with you.

We’re not dwelling on staggering numbers. We’re facing the issue head on, partnering with experts to bring awareness and resources to make faith matter more to the next generation.

We’re hopeful. Together.

We need to invest in people not just programs. The church is built by deeper relationships.

It started with 12

It continues with you

Access tools and training designed to strengthen and support your relational discipleship.

Start with the right tools

The TENx10 Quiz is specially designed to connect you with resources personalized for you and your ministry needs.

Get personalized resources
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Applicable quick tips
TENx10 video on an iPad
10-week Relational Discipleship Kickstart
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Deep Dives to keep going
A group of diverse young people stand together.

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The Future of TENx10

En Español

Próximamente podrás disfrutar nuestro sitio web y recursos en español.

TENx10 Convenings

Gatherings for our partners to collaborate around the mission and ensure we amplify our efforts to reach the next generation.

More Resources

TENx10 is designing and collaborating with partners to regularly refresh the library of resources.

Are you a senior leader?

We've designed unique resources to help your church,  youth ministry, and youth leaders.

Explore resources for senior leaders
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We're at a tipping point.

Young people are leaving the faith. In many cases, they’re driven away by the church itself.

But if we work collaboratively, we can make faith matter more to 10 million young people over the next ten years. Now is the time to act.

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