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Your outsized impact on youth ministry

While you probably don’t lead the youth ministry in your church, you play an outsized and irreplaceable role in creating the overall environment and culture where young people can thrive! Please don’t believe the lie that you’re not central to the formation and discipleship of today’s young people.

Here are three ways you can take action now!

Empathize with their journey:

Look for an opportunity in the next week to have a conversation with a young person or youth leader over coffee or a meal.

Advocate and educate in your church:

Use every platform to advocate for the importance of this generation in the body of Christ.

Make young people a top priority:

We recommend you place the discipleship of young people in the top 5 priorities of your church - in terms of resources, attention, and your time.

TENx10's 7-Day Prayer Guide

Church Team Guide

Engaging Gen Z

Engaging Gen Z: Team Workshop Experience

Lead your church’s senior staff and key volunteers through a workshop designed to equip them to better understand and serve the next generation.

Gen Z Trends Report

Gen Z & Your Church

Gen Z & Your Church: Three Areas of Opportunity

In this report, you'll find summaries of some of the
trends and stats most essential for you to grasp as you disciple Gen Z.

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