What if you could...

- Break through barriers that keep your ministry from flourishing?
- Build a community that accompanies and champions young people?
- Ignite a faith in young people that has the power to write new stories?

Through the 7 Discipleship Emphases, you'll

- Develop the team of adult leaders you've always wanted.
- Explore teenagers' deepest questions with them.
- Unleash students' passions for service and justice.
- Expand your impact to create lasting change.

Grow personally

Since you can’t take people where you haven’t gone yourself, TENx10 starts with focusing on your faith as a youth leader.  You’ll grow in self awareness and cultivate personal and communal habits that deepen your faith so you can help others deepen theirs.

Train mentors

No matter how hard you try, you cannot form teenagers’ faith alone. Through TENx10, you’ll learn how to recruit and train adult volunteers to accompany teenagers and model Jesus-centered identity, belonging, and purpose.

Nurture young people's belonging

Young people wonder, “Where do I fit?” The rate at which teenagers are abandoning faith communities suggests they don’t think they fit there. TENx10 enables you to cultivate a community-wide culture where young people are seen, heard, and valued. Through this, teenagers will learn their stories matter to the church—and that the church matters to their stories.

Center teenagers' identity in 

Young people are constantly asking, “Who am I?” TENx10 equips you to offer them Jesus-centered answers that root their identity in who they are in Christ through prayer, Scripture, and the foundations of their faith.

Explore young people's purpose

Teenagers question if they can make a difference. TENx10 believes they’re called to play their part in God’s story. Through this Discipleship Emphasis, you will learn how to provide ongoing service and justice opportunities that affirm young people’s giftedness and call.

Equip diverse families

Families are usually the primary spiritual influencers in the lives of young people. By developing an intentional strategy, your discipleship efforts will continue throughout the week as families of all shapes and sizes intentionally grow closer to God and each other.

Lead change

To truly shift from a faith that matters little to a faith that changes everything, discipleship efforts must extend beyond a community’s youth ministry. That’s why a critical focus of TENx10 is equipping you to work with others to lead change within your larger community.

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