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TENx10’s Digital Training will give you the tools - and confidence - to implement relational discipleship radically focused on Jesus in your unique context.

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What to expect from TENx10’s Training

Engage with other youth leaders who understand what you’re going through


Learn from diverse, world-class leaders who walk with you through every step of the process.


Wrestle with what is and isn’t working in your ministry alongside your team and other key stakeholders.


Empathize with young people’s quest for identity, belonging, and purpose.


Experiment with concrete, practical strategies to help teenagers and families follow Jesus in their daily lives.


Influence your larger community through the power of young people’s stories and visions for change.


Multiply your impact by building upon what works in your experiments to create lasting and sustainable change.


Here’s what participants are saying about TENx10 training

TENx10 training is a game changer! It provides so much helpful information and practical, easy ways to implement the changes. It's given me the tools I need to create a healthy, thriving ministry.

- Jerren Wadsworth, West Hills Covenant Church

Jerren Wadsworth

As they say, the greater the cause, the greater the reward. We know that it is our calling to preach the Gospel to all nations, to raise up the next generation. TENx10 will help train, prepare, and equip you to reach a whole generation before we lose it.

- Brian Webster, Missio Dei Oakland and First Presbyterian Church

Brian Webster

Training volunteers for youth ministry is one of the most difficult things for youth pastors. It's hard for leaders to find time to commit to the training. TENx10 training is an organized and efficient way to receive that training. It gives testimonies and practical ways to implement change in your ministry. I recommend this program for any youth pastor that desires to bring their team together to create long lasting ministry for their youth.

- Sheri Perenon, Redwood Chapel Community Church

Sheri Perenon

TENx10 training has given me more confidence as a youth ministry leader. It's opened my eyes to how we can be more effective in discipling our students. This training is for youth ministry leaders regardless of years of experience!

- Alexandria Figueroa, First Covenant Church Oakland

Alexandria Figueroa

What our training offers

Two males standing together

A coach

who will provide you with customized support, mentoring during digital gatherings, and group coaching.

A trio of young men smile while seated together.

Digital Masterclass training

to help you learn TENx10’s proven discipleship strategy.

Two young women read side-by-side.


for you to connect with others and be encouraged, challenged, and inspired to minister to young people and their families. 

A young woman works on her laptop while lounging on a sofa.

Online webinars

facilitated by the diverse and expert TENx10 training team.

A group of teens taking a selfie

Tools, training, & support

to help you develop a faithful and creative approach to ministry so that faith will matter more to the teenagers you care about.

Build your team

Watch the four videos below to learn how to build a team of diverse leaders so that together, you can change how you disciple teenagers.

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